The Birthstone for November - Citrine

Diamond Gemstone meaning

The diamond is the hardest gemstone and one of the most valued. It does come in yellowish colors, green and blue, but the clear or white is the most used in jewelry. Most diamonds come from South Africa.

It is said diamonds are good for coughs and mucus problems.

Diamonds are the symbol of innocence and constancy. Diamonds have been prized as Crown jewels. They are used today as an engagement ring.

Healing properties of diamond

Diamond does not have a specific healing nature. It does supplement the energy of other gemstones. The Diamond will increase the power of the Emerald and the Amethyst to a higher level. Healers often have rings or necklaces set with Diamonds surrounding the Amethyst.

Care must be used when wearing a Diamond necklace as it can block the energy flow if the wearer has negative thoughts or feelings.

Color Clear
Birthstone April ( Feb, July, Oct [Ancient] )
Zodiac Cancer, Libra, Aries, Leo
Planet Sun, Venus
Energies Protection, Power
Anniversary Stone 10, 60